Take Your Eye Off the Ball - Playbook Edition

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Take Your Eye Off The Ball: Playbook Edition

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This brand new, revised and updated edition of Pat’s book takes the first edition to a whole new level.

It includes:

  • New chapters on Special Teams and Injuries...
  • Expanded content on the NFL Draft and new trends in the game...
  • A new, exclusive DVD hosted by Pat Kirwan that’s packed with inside info and X’s and O’s...
  • An exclusive collection of charts, templates, and other game tracking tools that enable you to follow and analyze the game as never before...
  • More play diagrams – and blank diagram pages so you can add new play diagrams, plus room to make notes...
  • A sturdy spiral binding so you can use it as the football workbook it’s designed to be...

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Exclusive New Audio Book

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Pat Kirwan and his Sirius NFL Radio partner, former Chicago Bear Tim Ryan, read this complete audio version of Take Your Eye Off The Ball: Playbook Edition. Tim Ryan takes you chapter by chapter through the new edition of the book and Pat joins in for Q&A discussions of the finer points of the game.

Exclusive Companion Audio CD

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Pat Kirwan takes you inside the game of football like never before. This audio companion to the book goes deeper into the game with exclusive interviews with NFL coaches, players, and scouts such as Bill Cowher, Jim Miller, Ed Donatell, Bob Wylie, Chris Mattura, and more.

Exclusive Companion DVD

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If you want to purchase just the new Companion DVD, this is the same DVD that’s included in the new Playbook Edition of the book.

This brand new DVD features:

  • Nearly three hours of Pat’s unique inside perspective of football…
  • Inside information and explanations of new trends in the game…
  • How-to demonstrations for charting and tracking the game…
  • And plenty of X’s and O’s…

All presented by Pat Kirwan himself.


  • Pat boils even the most complicated nuances of football down to the base elements so that everyone can understand it. - Brad Childress, Former NFL Head Coach
  • Pat’s experience gives him an unparalleled 360-degree view of the NFL from league, club, player, agent, and media perspectives.- Bruce Allen, General Manager Washington Redskins
  • I wish I had been coached as a player the way I’ve been coached by Pat as an analyst. He’s schooled at every position on both sides of the ball, and not just in terms of how to play the position; he also explains to you why things need to be done a certain way. - Tim Ryan, Co-host, Movin’ the Chains Sirius NFL Radio
  • As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to football knowledge and seeing how everything comes together on the football field, Pat’s the best.” - Dan Marino, Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • “Take Your Eye Off the Ball will give you a sense of what it’s like to watch the game of football through the eyes of a true expert.” - Pete Carroll, Head Coach Seattle Seahawks
  • Pat has a truly unique perspective on the NFL – he’s coached in the league, he’s worked on the management side of it, and he can talk to both players and owners. He has unbelievable insight into the big picture, into why certain things happen – whether on the field or in the front office. - Bill Cowher, Analyst, The NFL Today CBS Sports